Tetsuro Space Art Project



Can adults participate too?

Yes, of course!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, male or female – all are welcome to participate! You can even enter together as a family.

Does it cost to join in?

Participation in the project is free for those who attend Cosmic Artist Tetsuro’s [Space Art Project] exhibition event. The event will go on within the United States, so for those who are available, we would love to see you at the venue!

It is also possible for anyone around the world to participate via postal mail. In such case, we are asking for a small project fee of $10 USD per entry to cover materials and post office expenses. To register, fill out and submit the required information on the project registration page of this site, then pay the registration fee via PayPal. You will be sent your individual project canvas along with a commemorative sticker. Furthermore, schools and other educational institutions and groups are welcome to register with the project. For educational institutions, shipping and handling fees will be partially subsidized through our sponsors and individual project contributions, while the participation fee will be entirely waived. Please contact us for further details regarding school groups.

How do I sign up?

To join in on the project, you can attend a Cosmic Artist Tetsuro [Space Art Project] exhibition event, or you can sign up for the project via the website and participate via post. Please review project rules and detailed information on this page here.

Who is Cosmic Artist Tetsuro?

Los Angeles-based artist focusing on creating Outer-Space themed artworks. For more information, please visit here.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Office: Tanabe Studio
E-mail: info@tetusro.space


Let’s make the world’s grandest “Outer Space!”
Go forth and release the power of your creativity.

The Ultimate Mural of Outer Space!


Will you join us by sharing your own rendition of Outer Space,
and help build the world’s Ultimate Mural of Outer Space?

Please use the provided 6 x 6-inch canvas to put together your Cosmic artwork.

You can paint, draw, use digital graphics, photography, or even print design – it’s up to you!

With all your submissions, I will piece each artwork together like a mosaic,
and create one giant image of Outer Space.

Let’s go for that Guinness World Record!


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